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Houses of My Heart zine


Ink on paper. 2012. Houses of My Heart  is a zine I wrote about the collective houses I have lived in, and some others that I frequented. As I was writing it, I realized that in order to explain what was so special about each house to me, I needed to talk about what I was searching for at that time in my life. So it's also a little bit of a memoir, told through the places I chose to call home. It's a 54pg quarter-sheet sized zine. You can order one for $3, e-mail me at You can read previews of 2 of the 8 chapters by clicking through here. For more zine previews, news, and fun stuff about collective houses, please check out

Queers in the Outdoors 2012 Calendar

Ink on paper, 2011. I created this calendar as a fundraiser. The calendar features scenes of queer people of many genders getting it on in various outdoor locations. All art from the calendar is viewable here. For full information about the calendar, please visit

Trans People Are

Your Neighbors
Ink on paper, 2012. Trans People Are Your Neighbors is a series of portraits of fictional trans and genderqueer people accompanied by the text “Trans People Are Your Neighbors” and an explanation of what it means to be trans or genderqueer.
I posted them anonymously around my West Philadelphia neighborhood in Spring 2012. I created the flyers out of frustration and anger at the violence trans people, especially trans women, face just walking down the street. My goal was to put out a simple, positive message about our common humanity. For more information, please check out

Do's & Don'ts for the Dudely Organizer

Ink on paper, 2008. I made this zine when I was a student organizer struggling with patriarchy in the organizations I was a part of. Years later, it is sadly still relevant. For more info, please check out

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