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Celebrating the 38th Anniversary of Roe v Wade in a City in Mourning, Bursting at the Seams, 1/22/11

Reflections on Appalachia Rising, Philly Rising Tide Blog, 10/5/10

It's Not About You #2: Touching, SDS Womyn's Caucus Blog, 3/16/10

Men and the Written Word, SDS Womyn's Caucus Blog,11/15/09


It's Not About You #1: “Effectively” Calling Out Patriarchy, SDS Womyn's Caucus Blog, 2/3/09

Reflections From Activist Summer Camp, The Understory, 9/30/08


Other Projects

Rad Occupier blog

Do's & Don'ts for the Dudely Organizer zine


Our Bodies are the Battleground zine (no digital copy available at this time)

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